Rate increase

Heard on the noontime news where several of the nation’s package delivery services are planning a “temporary” rate increase during the peak shipping season, Thanksgiving to Christmas, of about $1.50 per pound per package. They blame it on the shortage of drivers, as if they didn’t know these guys couldn’t work FOREVER like business wants them to. Have to see where this goes to. Tom from MN

This actually happens every year, holiday season surcharges, maybe not as much though in the past. Also USPS is raising their prices next month. And if you havent tried to ship a package lately, rates are up across the board already, due to raising fuel cost, inflation, worker shortage, etc.

Last week along with the USPS rate increase they announced the delivery times would be increasing on 1st class and priority mails…only 61 % of the daily 1st class mail would be delivered compared to prior delivery rates…If it wasn’t for junk mail and parcels the PO would be out of business.

Many of the UPS “peak surcharges” are only applicable to big outfits who have shipped more than 25,000 packages in a week. (Translation- they have sweetheart deals with places like Amazon for super low rates, and can get around that with a peak surcharge instead of negotiating new rates.)
Ordinary shippers will be hit with some surcharges too… and rate increases… and garbage fees.

USPS is also increasing rates.
This is the result of multiple factors- inflation, fuel costs, worker shortages, more shipping stuff instead of local purchases, etc.