Raufoss 7.65 mm Mauser

Some details of the 7.65x54 mm Mauser ammunition made by Raufoss in Norway for Bolivia during 1933-35.

Was this an exhibit at the US congress hearings on the arms trade?

Yes, this is from the Seventy-third Congress, 1934.

And here is one cartridge from the contract. 1932-1935 dates are known to exist.


Morten, thanks for the picture. The “last order” described above is in fact for cartridges made in 1932.

I have seen ball cartridges in all four dates, do you know of any other loading?

Is it so that S S in the headstamp identify cartridges from this contract?

It may seem confusing, but the “S S” letters indicates a “S” flat base bullet weighing 10 g. These cartridges were never loaded with the “SS” boat-tailed bullet.

No, I have never seen nor heard of any other loadings than ball. Have you ever seen any boxes for these cartridges?

Morten, sorry, I have never seen any boxes.

OK, thanks. The cartridges are quite uncommon in Norway, as all of tjem were obviously exported…

These are quite scarce here too and the rarest are the Argentine made blanks with natural wood bullet found loaded in cases dated 1934 (knurled cannelure added). A very small quantity must have been used here which was probably captured by Paraguay and then given to the Argentine Army.