Raufoss or not?

I’m think I know the answer but I hoping I’m wrong. What ones are fake and what ones are not?

What is the caliber?

Sorry they are 50bmg and here are the head stamps.

Circled in Red are real. The legitimacy of the LC cartridges I strongly question.

You could weigh them on a digital scale to see if they are roughly equal. If the ones in question are much off, then compare them against typical silver-tip API, which is the common donor cartridge for being repainted and faked as Raufoss. Powder grain weights can be a little bit off among genuine Raufoss loads of different origin, but you should be able to get a relative sense of what is going on. X-Ray is sometimes the only wy to be certain if this doesn’t help, but the green does look unusually dark on the uncircled tips.