Raufus incendiary m 43


another cartridge unknow, the name are “raufus” and is it sold some incendiary ammunition.
someone can tell me more please.


Commonly mis-spelled, but the rounds you have in you photo are what I like to call


they use the name raufus for sold the product but cartridge are not product by raufoss !!
I saw they product for many caliber it is just for little number
I thank you for your information.



This goes also for the “Incendiary-Tracer” 7,62x39 post…!



“Raufoss” (Nammo) didn’t produce their PIE design in anything smaller than .50 BMG (12.7x99) caliber. These are some sort of custom hand load. Main source I know of is a place in Texas. It’s not any major manufacturer.