Ray and other Wildcat buff's, 300 Tomahawk


Parent case on the left (300 RUM), 300 Tomahawk on the right


Specifications? Hard to see any difference between the two cartridges in the picture. Maybe a tiny bit around the shoulder, but enough to justify a wildcat cartridge? Not challenging, just trying to learn. Not my field, but one that fascinates me.


No problem, unfortunately I can’t measure that case (it went out in the mail this morning), and the neighbors might object if I step out the door to form another one right now grin.
The differences are not as large as with some wildcats are, but the modern case designs don’t leave much room to work either.
From my spec list however I can give you the basic differences
Shoulder diameter RUM .5250 Tomahawk .5350
Shoulder location RUM 2.387 Tomahawk 2.402
Shoulder angle RUM 30^ Tomahawk 35^
Case capacity increase about 2.5gr water



A nice looking cartridge. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.


You have to be a certifiable wildcatter to appreciate cases like the Tomahawk. They’re like a woman. A little make-up in the right places does not really affect her performance, but does wonders for her appeal.



Ray - great answer! I love this place! The additional specs were nice, also.

John Moss