Ray Meketa


I just got word that Ray Meketa passed away. Big shock. He will be sorely missed on this Forum, that is for sure. Few people had such knowledge in depth about U.S. Military ammunition especially.


I am sorry to hear that! I will miss him a lot.
Rest in Peace Ray.


Yes indeed, someone will now have to take his valuable place picking nits, keeping us on the straight & narrow.



Very sad to hear this. He answered many of my questions when I first joined the original IAA forum back in 2006.



Rip Ray


Rest easy, Shipmate. We have the watch now.


Truly sad news. My condolences to his family.

Ray was a true student of U.S. military cartridges, large caliber ordnance and wildcat cartridges. Ray authored 17 articles in the IAA Journal not to mention numerous informative postings on the IAA Forum. As Pete said Ray worked hard at keeping us on the straight and narrow, I can recall one instance on the forum when Ray duly informed me that military ammunition was packed in 20 round cartons NOT boxes and that what most people call an ammo " CAN " was actually, in military terms, a BOX.

Rest in peace Ray.


A big loss to our fraternity. He was gracious in sharing his knowledge.
RIP, sailor.


I was very much looking forward to contacting Ray Meketa about some interesting 7.62MM cartridges/boxes that popped up. RIP! CHEERS and many thanks Ray!


That’s a shock!
RIP, Ray.


I wish to express my condolences to Ray’s family and all of you, his friends. Tim


Very sad to hear this.


I was very sad to hear this. Living in the outer egde of the world, I haven’t had any chance to meet anyone from this forum, but I used to read Ray’s postings. he contributed a lot to this forum, and was helpful to new collectors. RIP.


I am very very sad to hear this. Ray helped me a lot with my wildcat collecting and was a truly expert of wildcat . match and military ammunition.



I signed the guest book here

legacy.com/obituaries/juneau … =177822365


My condolences to his family
I learned a lot from Ray, and considered him a friend.


Very sad new.
I remerber our discussions about the pre-nato cartridges
My condolences to his family


A 21 gun salute to the Gunner’s Mate…I’ll miss ya, Ray…RIP



I am thunderstruck by this bad news. What a sad, sad loss.
Considering his activity on this forum until what seems yesterday to me, he obviously did not suffer for long. While a sudden loss of a beloved person comes as a terrible shock, it is the less horrible alternative to a prolonged suffering.


I am very sad…