Ray's Reloading pistol boxes - Carterville, Missouri

I recently acquired 3 different boxes of ammo which are all from around 1988 - 1990 as far as I can tell, and are from Ray’s Reloading of Carterville, MO. The box stampings say “since 1947”, so he had already been in business for 40 years by the time of the 9x25 Export Mauser box anyway based on a 1987 headstamp within. The 3 calibers are 9x25 Export Mauser (on reformed / trimmed .38spl), .44 Bulldog (reformed .44mag), and 9.4 Dutch revolver (reformed 30-30). I like the 9x25 box for its rubber stamp ink and the box itself is a masterclass in depression-era sensibilities as it is a recycled taco box of some sort. Even the cartridge dividers are neatly cut to fit the cartridges symmetrically and fit the box.

Does anyone know anything about Ray as far as his last name, or history? He was apparently in business for a long time, but every iteration of Google search that I can conjure returns painfully little results…

And here is a mix of .38 special headtamps I found in the 9x25 box. There were other common Winchester and Federal headtamps, but these dated ones illustrate the time frame of brass he was working with. Also, the 1977-era South African Musgrave headstamp certainly isn’t found too commonly anymore.

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Did you ask G. Kass?


Great!!! Thanks for sharing. This is an interesting area that is very poorly documented.


I can’t tell you his last name, but it would appear that he also did business as “The Ammunition Specialist”. I have a couple of fliers from him; the one on the left is postmarked 1990.

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The address is for a very modest single family residential house worth about $59,000 located in a suburb of Joplin, MO. Among the names associated with the property is Raymond Gorman, currently about 90 years old. He may also go by Carl R. Gorman. Phone number may be (or have been) (417) 673-7494.
He may be living in Carthage, MO now, another nearby suburb of Joplin.

All from various public domain records via Google searches.

Thanks for the flyer images cannon, and the info John. I should probably ask George Kass about him as well.