Rayson cartridges

OK so I got a bunch of ammo on Gunbroker and there was this box of Rayson Cartridges in .303 British with FN headstamps in the early 50’s.

My question is: Did Rayson purchase surplus and then change the projectile to softpoint or did Fabrique National d’Armes de Guerre supply them with the ammo already converted?

The reason I ask is because these cartridges have a red seal around the mouth but not the projectile like they were tracer at one time. They also still have the red seal on the primer that looks original.


If no color on the projectile, they would be re-bulleted military surplus ammo, a common practice in the 50s and 60s. Now who did the work…no clue. Could even be re-boxed Interarms imports.

This company is known for their green boxes of “sporterized” ammunition in calibers like 7.62x54R, 6.5x52, .30 Carbine and .303 British, always keeping the original components and loaded with soft point bullets. I’m not aware of any published advertisements by this firm, but it should be post-1963.