Re bullet id

i found a bullet that is a 45 cal.rim fire.
it has markings on the rim of c.d.d. any idea on who was the maker of this bullet?
thank you in advance.

Are you sure the marking ( headstamp ) is not C. D. L. ?? Check with a magnifying glass.
Is the cartridge case copper ? M. Rea

yes your right,took another look with a clean glass/lol. yes it is brass casing.

CDL is C.D.Leet
Early cartridge cases were copper (more reddish in color), while later cases were made of a brass material (more yellowish/gold in color). I don’t know when/if ever CDL switched to a brass alloy.

I’m not aware of any CD Leet cartridges that were made of brass. All the ones I have seen are copper. 45 is an unusual caliber for American rimfires. There are a number of different 44’s and a few 46’s. Is it a straight case or bottle necked? A picture and/or dimensions would help ID it.


One of the only cartridges I can think of with a C.D.L. headstsmp in .aprox. .45 caliber is the .56-46 Spencer, but they are all copper cases.

I’m thinking that the cartridge in question is the .44 short, pointed, 2 groove lead bullet ( copper case of course ) with the CDL headstamp. M. Rea