*** RE: SPAMMERS & TROLLS . . . . Please READ! ***


Staff have received many inquiries about the continued intrusion of spam with the new software . . . .

(1) The volume is far less because now it requires a live person to register.

(2) This doesn’t mean they won’t try.

(3) Over time, the volume will recede. It takes no more, often less, time to “kill” an account - plus, typically, but not always, block the IP address and eMail domain - than it does to create an account manually. It is a war of attrition with the vermin. Eventually, they migrate to places with less aversion to their presence, simply because they do not wish to continually invest the time to create an identity which will be terminated in short order.

(4) No site will ever be [u]entirely[/u] spam-free, but over time the volumes drop to the point where they are more a curiosity than an annoyance.


  • When you see a thread / post which is obviously spam . . .

. . . E.g., a thread title such as “Hot young babes” or a user name like “pharmasy2” . . .

DO [u][color=blue]NOT[/u][/color] open it.

Ignore it, leave it for the staff to sweep up.

There are bits of code which can be inserted invisibly which tell a spammer if their garbage is being accessed. If the only response they receive is to have the account terminated, their eMail blocked, etc., it goes a long way toward discouraging a repeat try, and this is the ultimate goal, not to prevent all spam (which is virtually impossible), but to eliminate the motivation to spam the site.

(6) Re: [color=blue]TROLLS[/color] . . . PLEASE [color=blue]IGNORE[/color] them as well. This sub-species of vermin thrives on provoking reactions. Absent attention, they slither back under their rocks and go elsewhere. Staff will apply roach killer as needed!

The janitors (staff ) will do the sterilization - just relax and enjoy [u]YOUR[/u] site, ignoring the vermin.




We don’t have problem… check this: russianarms.info/v-web/bulletin/ … um.php?f=5


Perhaps not in comparison to the referenced site, but still, any / all such trash is something we prefer to avoid / block.


Just noticed, they are cleaned now, yesterdy there was hundreds of spam messages.