Hi. My name is Trish Meketa and I am the daughter of Ray Meketa who was a member and passed away back in Feb 2016. We have a lot of his ammunition stuff and books and such and dont know what to do with it. Can anyone who knew my dad please email me?

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Trish- I cannot help with the collection, but just want to say how much I (and many others) learned from his participation here. He may be gone, but he is not forgotten by his many friends here.

I suspect that several people will contact you.
My personal recommendation would be Pete de Coux from Prescott, AZ. I will make sure he is aware of this post and hope he will contact you.


PM plus email sent.


You might also consider Brand Used Works out of Colorado. They are an on line auction house. The number to call is 719-602-2555 for info on consignment . Bill

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Thank you Bill. I will look into it.


I am one of the many who greatly miss Ray! We had some wonderful discussions here on the Forum.

I would recommend that his collection could be sold at auction. There are three excellent auctions, One is run by Vic Engels and another is by Pete deCoux. Another is the IAA auction that is held at the St Louis International Cartridge Show held each year just before Easter. I would recommend that Rays cartridges be sold a bit at a time rather than flooding an Auction with his material all at one time.

Ray was a member if the IAA for many years and I am sure he has his directory of members that includes a list of cartridge dealers who could also handle parts of the collection. Both Vic and Pete are listed there also.

You probably want to contact the Secretary of the IAA on the procedure to get items into the IAA auction in St Louis. All these people are listed in the IAA directory.

If Ray’s last copies of the Directory are not readily available send me a PM (click on the purple circle with " “Lew” above and them click on “Message” and ask me for the contact numbers and I will email you all this material.

My condolences to your family. Many of us remember Ray with affection and miss him.

Write me if I can be of help. You can also post here to contact me.

Lew Curtis

Hi Trish, Truly sorry for your loss, We would love to help you out with Ray’s collection. email sent. Paul @ Brand Used Works Auction House