Reading and Newbury


A gunsmith called T. Turner in Reading and Newbury
England or somewhere else ?


Two towns to the West of London


J-P: There was a Thomas Turner in Reading, Berkshire, England listed a 3 Middle Row in 1843 to 1851 and at 63 Market Place in 1869. He seemed to be a gunmaker, however. There is no mention of him in regard to ammunition of any type. The blurb on him is very short, so of course, that doesn’t rule out that he was active after 1869, nor does it suggest he never sold proprietary shotgun shells. There is simply no information past 1869.

Reference: .Previously Cited Greenhill book by John Walter, page 525.

John Moss


Thank you Vince and John !
Still existing in 1912, proprietary cases made by SFM

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Believe this Thomas Turner was also the Birmingham Proof Master for a time and was responsible for the rare No. 2, and No. 5 Turner rifle cartridges. He was also a knife maker
(may have those numbers wrong as not at home.)
Edited to correct a cartridge number and add knife maker


hello Pete,
what do these ctges look like ?


Believe they are both found in Flemming’s book and in Hoyem’s volumes dealing with British cartridges.
Also think we had a No 2, which closely resembles the Gibbs, in our sale #3