Reading DAG headstamps

I have this headstamp… Nato mark DAG01F1169 DAG = maker 01=year F= month = June and the bit I dont know 1169 is that the lot number?

thanks paul.

yes. that’s correct. International push to try and control/monitor the “proliferation” of small arms and ammunition, in this case by requiring cartridges to have lot numbers on them for tracking.

Personally, I don’t see how that will accomplish anything considering the number of cartridges in each lot and the fact that an individual lot doesn’t all go to the same place.

so the next question should be do the lot numbers start at 0001 or 1111?..paul.

Bundeswehr in its regulations leaves the use of the 4 digit lot number to the manufacturer.

MEN seem to number the lots starting at 0001.

DAG uses the first two digits for identifying the type of amunition. According to my observations:
03xx was used for 7.62x51 DM111
07xx was used for commercial 9 mm Luger
08xx was used for military and law-enforcement 9 x 19 (conventional DM11A1B2 as well as lead-free Action4 and GreenRange)
09xx was used for commercial 9 mm lead-free (Sintox)

What calibre is your 11xx ?

The current system is in use since 1990, if I remember correctly. Apart from telling the month of production it is not more detailed than the previous system, which consisted of manufacturer, year and consecutive lot number.

Then we may add for DAG:
01 - 5.56x45
11 - 4.6x30
14 - 12.7x99

Other known codes are:

01 - 5.56x45 Blank
02 - 5.56x45 Short Range PT

04 - 5.56x45 Ball
05 - 7.62x51 Blank
06 - 7.62x51 Short Range PT

11 - 5.56x45 Ball (later 4.6x30)
12 - 5.56x45 Tracer
13 - 9x19 Blank (later Short Range PT)
13 - 9x19 Short Range PT

58 - 5.56x45 Ball

J Peelen… sorry for the late reply…my 11 is 5.56x45