Reading German 7,9x57 box labels

There was a great thread some time ago about the meaning of all the parts of German labels. I can’t find it. May someone point me in the right direction?

Maybe thisone?


Yes, great, thank you very much.

Thanks Bunker. I also have a book from Germany on the way from a friend of mine over there.

“Die Patrone 7,9mm der Deutschen Wehrmarht 1930 - 1945”

I am expecting great things from this book.

Just happy to help.👍
That is a great book, you will definetely find alot of interest in it. The fact that it is written in German is no big deal if you know the language, but for others like me, can use the camerafunction on GoogleTranslate and just read off the pad or phone in realtime.

The only problem with this kind of books, is that it shows all of these unobtainable goodies to want for my own collection. 😉

Bunker I agree… it’s tough looking at all the unobtainable goodies…