Really Nice Small Arms Ammunition Cases

I may have to start collecting small arms ammo just so I can put them in these cool boxes :-) I thought some members with high end specimens may like some of these cases.

Click on a style then click on AVAILABILITY & SPECS to see all the custom calibers. I really like the ZERO style pictured above.

Jason … ategoria=1

Hi Jason

Cool boxes !!


$60.00!?!?!?!? Guessin’ those will be in the collection AFTER I win the lottery.
Nice box, regardless.

Perused their wares sometime back. Can’t remember what for. The clear plastic containers was all they had at that time. Good to see they’re expanding their selection.

Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Don (at least I call him Don) Trump are big customers.

I did not even look at the prices until now. WOW! Some of them are $300.


The locks seem to be a rather pointless waste - just another tiny key to misplace. They would seem to pose more of a problem to the collector than to the unscrupulous sort who could easily slip the securely locked box into a pocket or purse and worry about getting it open later. My low end as well as high end cartridges go into small zip-lock bags at 3 to 4 cents each depending on the size (2" x 3" to 3" x 5"). Not as fancy, just as secure, a tiny fraction of the cost, and you can see through them.

Guy - educate me. Isn’t a sealed zip lock bag a bad place to keep cartridges? No air passage. What about things like condensation? Is that a problem? Am not making a judgment here - truly asking for information because I simply don’t know. I have used zip locks for temporary sorting and UPS of cartridges to others, but never as full-time containers. I have a couple of tiny rounds - Kolibris - in capsules, but I open them once in awhile.
Admittedly, I have had no trouble yet.

The goal here in humid Florida is to keep the air away from the cartridges. Not only do I put the individual cartridges in small plastic bags, but these are then stored in groups of 25 in zip lock sandwich bags, which I seal in military ammo cans. Works great for me.

Guy - Thanks. I kind of thought it might be bad for the ammunition, but it is clear that it does the job. Good information. Thank you. It is always a struggle between too much moisture and not enough.


I will do a little remark.

It is very very bad to put ctges in zip bags (or any closed container) if :

  • they have a compressed powder case (like the US 9 para or 30 Nato caseless ctges)
  • they have some early plastic case (like the German experimental 7.92)

Indeed the palstic (or the powder) getting older and older make some vapors which cannot escape the bag and it is going worse and worse very quickly.

It is not a story but what happened to me.


I’ve never held a 9mm P or 30 Nato caseless cartridge, and I think John has all the experimental 7.92s, so I won’t have to worry about these. :-)