Really Odd Cartridge Names

If any of you know of any humorous cartridge names, post them here! If it is a wildcat (Probably it is) say what cartridge it can be formed from. I’ll start with the .22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer (.378 Wby necked to .22) and .17 Flintstone Super Eyebunger (.22-250 necked to .17).

Several years ago I wrote a series of articles for the IAA journal, describing some of the unusual named Benchrest cartridges. Nine articles, as I remember. If you are an IAA member you can purchase back issues and/or the DVD/CD discs. If you are not a member, shame on you.


I must be shameful then, Ray. I also found the .30 Streaker (Shortened .30 Herret), .204 Dead Dog (No clue about this one), .500 Bruiser (Shortened RUM brass and .510 bullets), .44 Kunz (.30-06 with some modification), .458 Dropbear (.308 necked up to .458), 6mm Thermos Bottle (Shortened Lazzeroni Patriot case), and 6x51 Atzl (No clue, probably original).

.458 Dropbear?
Must be Australian.

Personally, I find the 5,75 Velo-Dog pretty funny.

  • Ole

Don’t forget the series of Page Super Pooper cartridges.

I found even more. The .14 Flea (.32 ACP necked to .14), .17 Pee Wee (Originally the same as .17 Ackley Hornet, now from .30 Carbine case), .22 Epperson Cricket (.25 ACP necked to .22), .22 Long Snapper (I don’t know about this one), .25 Bullberry (Don’t have a clue), 7mm ICL Tortilla (Improved 7x57), .270 Titus Baby (Don’t know), .33 Poachers Pet (Don’t know), .338 ASS (Hopefully an acronym), .416 Chapus (Don’t know), .425 Kangaroo (Don’t know), The .60 and .75 Jingal rounds, 5.2x34 Kronprinz (Don’t know), and the 8mm Ribeyrolle (Don’t know). Maybe the Ugalde cartridges Ray? And the Dropbear is an Australian. Forgot about the Super Poopers.

The Bullberry line of cartridges was developed by Fred Smith of Hurricane, UT and are mostly rimmed cartridges (bases on the 30-30 Win.) for the T/C contenders and Encore. I think he did provide formed and headstamped cases for his cartridges at one time. He still may. They are similar to the E.A. Brown line of BRM cartridges for The same rifle and pistol platform as Bullberry Barrel works. Fred made me a barrel for a wildcat of mine. Mike Bellm has a similar line of cartridges for the same T/C platform. These are mostly Ackley -Donaldson inspired rounds. The 416 Chapuis is a proprietary cartridge of the Chapuis gun and rifle manufacturer. Maker of mostly double rifles and shotguns. A Square was loading the .416 Chapuis for Chapuis and provided brass.

With a 1.052" case length & a .50" bullet, my favorite is this “.50-WAMPUS”.
No idea of who made it but well done hand-headstamp.

[quote=“tennsats”].458 Dropbear?
Must be Australian.
Personally, I find the 5,75 Velo-Dog pretty funny.

  • Ole[/quote]It may sound funny, but it’s name is derived from the use in (often belgian) revolvers made for cyclists being attacked by loose dogs…
    Velocipede being a french name for early bicycles. Why they didn’t end up being called ‘velo-chien’ I do not know… ;-)
    Have one myself in my collection.

Yes, exactly. The concept and name are both somewhat humorous.
I can’t imagine the round would be much to effective against a pack of rabid dogs - but at least, they were something.
There’s one in mine too. Definitely worth having and showing those not familiar with its origins.


I also think the Tesching rounds have a pretty funny name.

Can not leave out the Lazzeroni’s: 12.04 BIBAMUFU and the 12.04 LILMUFU will leave it to you to determine what the acronym means not really printable here.

Yeah, the Lazzeroni 12.04s are pretty funny.

Aha! I figured out the 5.2x34 Kronprinz. It should be Kron Prinz. This means Crown Prince, and the rifle and cartridge was basically a scaled down Mosin Nagant and 7.62x54r. The gun was made for one of the sons of the last Czar of Russia. Funny how rounds get their name.

I don’t have a clue of the parent cartridge of the .307 Schneelock Triangular (NOT A TROUND)