Rebuilt my magnum cartridge display in Walnut

So I wasn’t quite happy with my display so I reordered the bullets and rebuilt it in walnut. I am quite happy with the result!


Very beautifully done!!! I envy your skills. Wonderful display!

John Moss

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Yea, what John said!
How did you finish the wood?

I finished it with about 4 coats of semi-gloss polyeurathane.

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Unbelievable TALENT & SKILL! Better Then Factory Made!


Impressive, how did you make the information placards?

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Wow that looks great man. Fantastic work!


I do all the layout and writing in power point. Then I convert them to an .xps image file. I have a laser cutter at work that engraves the graphics on black lacquer coated aluminum. The laser removes the lacquer to create the writing.

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Excellent work! I bet these would sell (without cartridges for those outside USA), if you were so inclined.

What keeps the cartridges from falling sideways? Or the top heavy ones from going over the rail?

Edit: I see you have beat me to it in the B&S section.

very nice!

Terrific job,Joel, You did a top notch job in the construction of the display case and the arrangement of the cartridges. Congratulations, a job well done and something to be proud of.

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