Recapping Battery Cup Primers

I have the caps for recapping battery cup primers but I’ve no idea what the tool for doing so looks like. Anybody got one or pictures of one, in case I blunder into one I’ll know what it is.

We [in the USA] comonly call these Shotshell Primers, used for reloading fired shotgun shells.
Question: Do you want to reload shotgun shells, or is there some other use ou are putting these to?
There are simple, inespensive, reloading presses, like the one made by Lee [ ], which would be the simplest way to remove the fired primer and safely insert a new live primer. You can generally find these models for around U.S. $60.00.
I am not sure if there are less expensive alternatives, (such as hand priming tools made for metalic rifle & handgun cartridges).
Hope this helps.

Battery cup primers basically consist if the cap, anvil and the battery cup.
I’ll send you an e-mail on how to do it as reloading is not a topic for discussion here.

BJ, Pete – Wow, why didn’t you just say you didn’t know? Wouldn’t it make an interesting display: a box of Alcan G57 battery cup primers, a tin of Alcan No. 57 caps for recapping, and the tool/tools to knock the anvil and cap out of the battery cup, and hold the battery cup while you put the anvil back in, and recapped it? It was done. Where are the tools? What do they look like?

It would make an interesting display. Sooo Git-r-done now that you’ve turned up the adverts for the tools!

The reason for my PM reply is that reloading is a prohibited topic on the forum. & reloading / restoring primers could, if not done properly, be very dangerous.