Recent 9mm blank acquistion


Recently picked up 25 round plastic box of 9x19mm blanks. The “Box label reads” 25/ 9mm Blank/ Large Nato emblem/ M1A1BG/ LOT 03 FNB 88.

Package is clear plastic - 2 piece with a tape sealing the two halfs. The lower piece is formed to hold the rounds.

The cartridges are 1 piece brass with 5 fluted tip. Medium Blue paint sealing the mouth. Primer is steel I think with same color blue seal around annulus.

Headtamp is from 12’o’clock "9mm, 88, FNB, nato symbol. nothing special but a new headtamp for me!

Sorry I don’t have a photo at present.


Perhaps FNB stands for Fabrique Nationale Belgique ? Just a suggestion.


John, Nice find!!! Typical FN box but very late headstamp!



Interesting. I have not seen the box label for the blanks. Also, Lew’s comment about it being a very late headstamp is interesting. I know that FN stopped the manufacture of 9mm (and perhaps all ammunition?) almost two decades ago, but something strange is happening. I have acquired some contract boxes from a Scandinavian country, and the lot number on two of them begins with “FNB”, produced in the last five years or so. That MUST stand for Fabrique Nationale Belgium, so what goes with that? Unfortunately, I don’t know the headstamp of the cartridges that were in the boxes, which are firing range garbage can scap, I believe.


Have seen a box in Denmark which was FNB “04”.


Glad this sparked some interest. I’m trying to figure out how to upload the pictures I took! While not the best quality due to the age of my camera, they are not that large in size.

With all of the consolidations in industry, FN not making 9x19 or anything else isn’t surprising. If anyone has a suggestion on uploading pics, please let mke know.

email is


Oops! Should have read site info. I see that I need to upload my pics to a host site and then conect them to here. Will try later on! Sorry!


John - I agree it was not a surprise that FN quite making 9 mm and perhaps all ammunition, but the surprise is that now, some ten or more years later, we are beginning to see lots of boxes with FNB lot numbers on them, dating from about 1004 or perhaps a little earlier, up to the last year or so. Does anyone know why that is? Unfortunately, these have all been police contract boxes, found empty. So, we, or at least I, cannot connect a headstamp to any of them.


This doesn’t address the 9m/m part of this thread, but I do have a round of 5.7 x 28 headstamped with the caliber designation and FNB 05 as well as a fired case noting FNB 09 (at least I think it’s 09–these headstamps are tiny). The fired case has a Boxer primer. Jack


Jack - thanks for remniding about the 5.7 rounds. These are the only rounds of auto pistol ammunition I know from FN past the 1990s. Of course, it is their own cartridge and they make guns for it. Still, I believe much of the “FNB” ammo made in this caliber was made at Focchi - am I wrong? If I am right, maybe that is the situation with 9mm as well.


Here is a picture of the box that John mentioned


Headstamps found in the bins at Kalvebod range are: NATO star 9mm 05 FNB. same style, but with dates 06 and 10 found there also. I’ll put up a picture tomorrow after work.


FNB 9mm headstamps: