Recent dated Speer .357sig headstamps

I just noticed on some boxes of Speer Lawman 125gr FMJ, that there were dates in some of the boxes that I have. The current new-style Speer boxes (changed 2 years ago?) had 2018 and 2019 dates, while the previous generation box style has 2015 dates. I don’t know that I knew they were doing this at all on .357sig, but Speer does like to date L.E. potential ammo these past 5 years quite a bit.

Lot numbers on the boxes were:

2015 = L09W33
2018 = M07Z304
2019 = A07A303


Good to know, save some of those for SLICS next year :-)

Here is a 2013 headstamp:
0.357 SIG 125 gr TMJ CF, Speer Lawman, Training, 53919; 2013, a


Will do!