Recent finds at LGS

The “Tiger” was $5/box, the 7.62x39 was $15/box, and I have no idea what I paid for the 7.62 NATO…

Any idea what the symbol on the 7.62x39 is, (symbol hand drawn to the best of my ability)?
The box says, “Exclusive Importers to North and South America Star Vector Corporation Distributors” and " Manufacturer: Federal State Enterprises “Vympel”, Russia".

Any idea why the 7.62x25 was evidently “overstamped”, or is it just MY eyes?
I tried to get pics of other HSs’ from those boxes, but I had “hand failures” [i.e: kept dropping rounds, gave up trying…].

Something got mixed up here. The “B” (= Latin “V”) is the Russian hs contained in the Tiger box made by Vympel.

Does that mean I got the drawing right, or mostly right?

In general yes.
Here what it is meant to be:

I don’t see any chance of an overstamp of any kind on the Chinese 7.62 x 25 Tokarev cartridge, from your photo. It is a very sharp (quite good) photo, and shows some minor flaws in the head of the cartridge, but again, I see no evidence of anything overstamped. It is a standard Chinese headstamp, one of several, for this caliber ammunition.

I think the confusion over the 7.62 x 39 Vymple headstamp in your opening line, when you referred obviously to the Tiger 7.62 x 39 and then equally obviously to the 7.62 NATO M852 and M118 rounds. You then mentioned what you paid for the Tiger, and then said you paid $15.00 for the 7.62 x 39. I think you meant to type 7.62 x 25! East mistake to make. I’ve been there and done that, way too often actually.

Good pictures; nice boxes.

John Moss

Yea… you would imagine that, at my advanced age, I should know better than to do photoshop imaging at 4 a.m.!

EOD, Thanks!

Badger - I thought was the only one who did that. I usually don’t get on the Forum until 6:00 AM at the earliest, more often 7:30. But before that, I have breakfast and clean up my kitchen. Sleep only comes to me in spurts. I am as likely to be out cold in the middle of the day as in the middle of the night.

For handheld photography, your pictures are fine!!!


John, thanks.
Yea, my internal clock seems to be off by about 12 hours lately, and I am more likely to fall asleep as the sun is coming up- not a bad thing to see, but… [yawn…]
I have been handling a camera professionally since 1976, so at least I still have that ability,
it is the typing and sign making [what cartridge WAS that?!] where I seem to have trouble lately, even when both are sitting in front of me!

The EOD is right,
the producer in Amursk city use a head stamp that is a combination of 3 letters of russian alphabet:
П (Pe) - Ammo
З (Ze) - Plant
B (Ve) - Vimpel (that means Streamer)

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