Recent finds

One of the ‘perks’ of my job is that I occasionally get to sift through boxes bags and buckets of ammunition that has been turned in or confiscated. A large amount of it is destroyed as it is unsafe to fire (badly corroded, dud, etc.), or is evidence in a case. However, every now and then I get some stuff that can be used by my guys at the practice range, or simply has value to me and is displayed on my boards.

Today’s finds, so far:

-2 Boxes, in great condition, Remington .30C 110gr JSP. These are the old green and white Kleanbore/Hi-Speed boxes. Unfortunately they contained mostly very badly done reloads (mixed headstamps, HCL bullets, etc.). I did find one NWM 1960 orange-tip tracer in there.

-Super Vel .44Mag SJHP

-R-P .38 Auto FMJ

-S&W .357Mag SJHP

.30 Carbine strictly a usage caliber for me, any ideas on the rarity/value of the boxes and the tracer? I’ll try to post pics next week if need be.