Recent finds

I picked these up last week.

The box of .22 bullets speak for themselves.

The original sealed pack of “L” Targets was a bonus, (now if I can just find the Hollifield Target Pracrice unit, and find some way to afford it…)

The box of cast bullets are another think altogether…

They measure .463"/11.73mm, .883"/22.43mm long, average weight is 362.5 grains.

He said they were found in a shed, in a wood Wnchester crate, no lid, covered in mouse nest, and the boxes were marked 1 through 24.

All the boxes had been opened and a few bullets were missing from each. I have to presume the numbers indicate weight, but he does not remember is there was a chart, (which might have been on the inside of the lid?).

The hollow point looks as if it was swaged/punched into the bullet.
20190225_093654 20190218_113144