Recent Fiocchi .380acp variations

I notice recently that the box style for Fiocchi .380 auto ammo has changed. I had some of their “380AP” (95gr FMJ) boxes which were purchased from a distributor in 2017 (so presumably not older than 2015 production?), but now today I have received more of the same index number / UPC code product, and their are several differences.

On the cartridge itself, the headstamp is the same, but the case has a crimp on the earlier version, and the projectile on the earlier version has a brass-colored jacket and a different ogive to it as compared to the new style which is copper-colored jacket. Old version is shown at left below.

On the box, the older version box is slightly smaller, and it says “Made in Italy” on the back, whereas the newer version (2017+ production?) says “Assembled in the USA”. Everything else on the back of box is the same. On the front and end-flap there are small variations of positioning, color, and font size. One odd thing which I noticed on all of the new style boxes I have here, is that they all share the same graphics flaw which is a small printing defect which shows as a chip of some sort on the front of box, directly to the left of the words “50 centerfire cartridges”.

The propellant is different, with the older version having flat square / diamond flake, and the newer style being flat circular flake:

Lastly, there is the lot numbers, which also shows that the inside color of the cardboard is different. The older version is shown below at left, the new version at right.