Recent IAA E-journal 500

For those of you who receive the emailed E-journal, you may have noticed that this time it arrived with a different looking return email and template. This is just a new delivery system that Aaron Newcomer & I are trying out, and I wanted to let you all know that despite an errant spam-warning, that this is ok. You might want to check your spam or junk folder in your email if you have not received it yet.


Matt - thanks for you heads up, in reply I guess, to my email to you. I will need to have my Journal resent to me, I think. I will let you know if that is necessary, by personal email, after I see if I can find it in my computer. I have never searched for anything marked “Scam” (not “Spam” on the message I received) that we have thrown out of our computer, and may not be able to find it again.

I’m not too sure I like this as with this stuff being “zipped” I don’t quite know what to do when it says application not available to open as I thought I’d get the directory too. But I did get the Journal by waiting for it to download to that page & then saving it.

On a Imac

Once I found it in the trash, I had no trouble opening it and printing it out in the same way I always have.

Pete, the actual journal itself is in the same format as always, with the website giving you to download the pdf or zip.

Also, for everyone, the reason we switched to an actual mailing list service is because there was a growing amount of email providers that were blocking the many emails how they were sent before. This assures everyone will receive their journal without their email service blocking it. Plus we were able to make it look a little prettier!

Howdy Aaron
I got the journal in good shape & knew it was the same, but as I understood it, one “zip” had a directory with it & that was the one that I first tried to open but couldn’t. just seem to have troubles with “zipped” things.

So I have the journal but not the directory, but I’m not worried because I can download it from this site.

I should also say Thanks to you & Matt for your parts in getting the subscribers the latest journal without e-mail blocking.

Aaron & Matt,

Firstly thank you both for all your work in getting the E-Journal sent out, I was able to open the E-Journal just fine.

FWIW I too tried twice to open the zip file for the membership directory, unfortunately both attempts resulted in an Adobe Reader error message.

Thanks again!


I think the system works just fine. I think the message on the zip download is incorrect. The directory went out with the previous issue 499j not with issue 500.