Recent mixed Ammunition from Syria

Greetings all, attached are some casings that originated from southeastern Syria and I’d like to get identified for further research. Many are known but some are tricky. I know some are quite rare if anyone else out there has similar research interests.

7.62x39mm brass cased-
Left side
Right side

Close Up

POF 7.62x51mm-

Some 7.62x54mmR-

Top view

Mixed Turkish .50 BMG , Iranian 12.7, and POF 12.7-

With a quick look, the x39 looks mostly Iraqi with 2 or 3 Syrian mixed in, the x51 is Pakistani, and the x54R appears to be all Iraqi. I’m interested to know more about the x54R case with a small diameter neck.

Jon, throw some fired 7.62x54R onto the lawn and run it over with your car. Then you can do the research first hand. :-)

Any chance to see the 12.7x108 POF headstamp?

The small neck case is a pyrotechnic cartridge PPL and is used to cock the Russian GSh-23 aircraft cannon and AM-23. Refer to “Soviet Cannon” byC.Koll page 178.

Ron, you mean a “PPL” CAD which has a rose crimp and a large electric primer + a somewhat different geometry.
It is also used in other roles than re-cocking the GSh-23.

Source internet.

Also see:


Yes, you see the POF on the far right? Image below?

Opps, here it is-


Great headstamp, thank you for sharing!!!

Nice to see the PPL photos and the 12.7mm. Wish I could find some.

Alex, how did you know I had a secret fleet of MiG 21s on my front lawn???

Jon, simple: knowing you is the key! :-)

Ron, just come to a German ECRA show…

The Pakistani 12.7x108 has a very Chinese look.

Perhaps the cases are Chinese made, or POF bought case manufacture machinery from China.

POF is using Chinese technology. Not really new as such.