Recent Norma .223 "Tactical" in U.S. retail

I received some of this Norma .223 Tactical ammo recently. It is just typical 55gr FMJ in 20rd boxes, but two things are interesting.

For one thing, there are no proof house marks of any kind shown anywhere.

Another thing is the headstamp. All of the cases show (or try to show) two pairs of dots at the 3 o-clock, and 9 o-clock positions, but they are off-kilter some of the time and are skewed around the lettering of the headstamp, or else are weak strikes some of the time. The headstamps also all seem to show a single abrasion smear on the edge of the rim at random locations around the edge.


Matt, great pictures, thanks for sharing. This new line is made by Lake City.



Matt - I have no clue about the apparent poor-quality of the headstamping. If they had the “LC” headstamp, I would say they are “seconds” sold off commercially, but since they have the “norma” headstamp, that would make no sense.

John Moss

Currently there are possibly two .223 / 5.56mm case production lines dedicated for civilian commercial purposes at LC…

I noted two different head stamp fonts and scamp dot sizes in the first examples of Hornady
“Frontier”.223 REM I received. To me these two different head stamps cried Lake City.

In an e-mail addressed to the Hornady customer service desk regarding a clarification as to producer of the case I received the following reply:

" Yes, the cases are produced at Lake City. The reason for the two different fonts used is because of two different lines in use at this time".

So if it is good enough for HORNADY, why not NORMA doing the same. The fonts and dots are a match.

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Great information!


Here is a look at some of the headstamps from a very recent 150rd pack of Frontier 55gr OTM 5.56 which Frank mentions. The scamp dots are all over the place as usual: