Recoilless Rifle Casings

Well, my boss gave me these today. Super cool recoilless rifle casings. I don’t know much about these but I’m looking forward to the research. V/r Henry

Henry, nice finds and in great condition, congratulations.

The 105 mm case was manufactured by Ekco Products Co., Massillon, Ohio, and the 75 mm case by Norris-Thermador Corp. in Los Angeles, California. Both were loaded at the Iowa Ordnance Plant.



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That is awesome Fede thanks!! Wasn’t even a find really, I was walking out in the parking lot where I work and the director says,”just the guy I’m looking for”, then he just gave these to me… I think he used to run ranges out here for the Guard or something, it’s the second time he gave me stuff. When I got home my wife asked me if I was now working for shell casings lol…

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Can anyone ID the projectile? It looks like an armor piercing, capped design, and not the sort of thing normally associated with recoilless rifles. Also, no pre-engraved rotating band.

It was just stuffed together.

Looks like an American 75mm M61 APCBC, might be missing the drive band by the looks of how deep into the case it is.