Record/inventory keeping

Hi all
Is there an app or programme for record keeping? I’m using a simple word document for recording my growing collection but was wondering if there’s anything better out there?

Record keeping??? Wouldn’t that take all of the fun out of it?



Therein lies the “rabbit hole” of cartridge collecting.

The easiest “system” is to have an uncanny photographic memory. I swear the late Bill Woodin was such a collector. (our own Forum’s expert “Fede” may be cut of the same cloth !!)

There are as many “systems” as there are ways to store a collection.

The limiting factor is knowing of available pre made systems (to be purchased)(few if any) and the endless iterations of computer systems that have either been designed from the ground up to simple use/alteration of the basic MS Word/Excel/Access platforms.

I used Access (with 17 different fields) and it soon overwhelmed me (to keep up with it) and it has sat at 3000 records for years.

It finally dawned on me that a vast majority of my collection (99% “special purpose”) is almost impossible to describe in words alone (projos; color tips; case - hull markings; box labels) and the fact that headstamps are not a huge detail to me.

Some one tell me how i.e., a .22 box collector, with a 1000 boxes reduce those to words ???

So this year I discovered “One Drive” and it’s apparent ease to snap iPhone photos…they synch to the “Cloud” and seems very easy to create and file in a “zillion” photo file folders (in to which you can file any other MS files…Word etc…); scans etc… Seems easy to carry on my iPhone; easily; “blown up to view” and will get a real “road test” next week at SLICS. (seems super easy to keep adding photos to the folders and best of all…it’s always in your pocket)

(photos can be downloaded as to not rely on the “cloud” too … only limited by your storage)

I’ll shut up before my words out pace my “old man” techless knowledge…the real experts will chime in

I’m sure you can find unlimited 20 something year olds that will have endless tech ideas.

PS… Chapter two of this “problem” is correlating your records to the actual round. Are you going to write a Sharpie reference number or meticulously adding a printed label or store in labeled plastic tubes/zip locks all fraught with issues themselves

Did I say rabbit hole ?

Bottom line

DO NOT let it overwhelm your pleasure of collecting

Chase your passion Is it possessing; storing; displaying; record keeping or all of the above

excuse any typos !!!

Have fun


Personnaly, I use excel nearly as I started collecting, so you can add a lot of informations, like the price you bought them or the weight and you can easily create a list in order of caliber

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Rabbit hole indeed. I really need a way of recording what I have, I’ve purchased so many cartridges over the past few months that I’m losing track of what I have. I’m not using anything too complicated, just a simple description and storage location on a word document. I’m using case guard 50 round cartridge boxes for the collection, 50 slots so I can number the cartridge to a slot in a particular box.
It works but was wondering if there were any ways, I.e a simple records programme or similar? I mainly record the headstamps

It would LOL but I’m ending up with more and more of the same cartridge, I’m focusing mainly on 7.62 x 51 nato, and although I thought I had quite a few, most are the same, headstamp etc, need to keep track

Looks great mate, as long as it works for you, good job

The legendary mind of Bill Woodin worked so well at shows because he had some cheat sheets. Which were just hand written notes.
In your case collecting 7.62 you could just list the dates you have leaving a gap(s) for perhaps missing dates & another set of sheet(s) for those with the Nato symbol in the hs

Next to the date you put the load B =ball P =proof, T =tracer & etc you could also keep track of steel or aluminum cases with no need to note brass cases.

keep in mind KISS

Hi pete
Good advice mate, ill surely use that as a baseline

Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment but I don’t record my meager collection. The fun part is when I go digging for something, I typically find something I forgot I had… its like Christmas year round!


I collect photos of headstamps, Australian military so there are more or less a finite number to record.
I’ve found a way to save the photos in Excel. I keep them in chronological order and leave gaps in the columns where I know or think one is missing. Different loadings I put in separate pages in the workbook.
Works well for me.
Also keep normal corresponding files on my PC just in case.

As an old school advocate I would remind, there is no “cloud”, only someone else’s computer. For those who doubt, take a look at the great photos on some of the early threads on this forum. Hmmmm, not opening…

Yeah I’ve noticed that, quite a few posts I was interested in where pictures are unavailable

I uses since about 30 years (or so) a special program for my collection, it’s called Cartwin.
Cartwin has a huge database on itself, but you can easily create your own cartridge. The fields contains all the information of a cartridge there is, including powderweight, powdercolor, tip of other colors and so on. It’s also possible to add photo’s of the cartridge, projectile, headstamp, powder and also documents such as Word or PDF. Finding a cardridge, or special part of it, is possible by searching that part individually. If a cartridge in the database already exists (and the change of that is 99%) and you want to add the same, but with (exapmple) another headstamp, it will take about 1 minute to change and record it with a new catalognumber. It has Multi-lingual computer software, so it’s easy to let all information translate in another language. CartWin Pro English
On every cartridge I have is a number written, corresponding to the database. I can find every cartridge I have within a few seconds, either looking in the database and then looking in the right drawer by the number or, reverse, looking in the drawers and search the number in the database. Works fine to me.

Hi Jacob
Thanks for the info, I’ll certainly give it a look

I use Excel. Easy to use and can be adjusted to your own needs.
It has the possibility to search and sort. I number each round and that is cataloged in the list.
Probably debatable if you should use stickers or if you write on the cartridge, but I don’t like writing as I have had many occasions where I could not remove it anymore.

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I dont know of a specific program, but created a listing years ago using Microsoft Data Base program in Office Professional. Originally vreated in older Windows OS It still works in WIn ten/Office 2007 and newer. Entrys are easy tabulates total and tehn create seach to sort by whatever you chose to set up. Except for inputtingb time, pretty simple!

Program is called Access! A dtata base progaram. You create bteh fields (size/and number) and enter info. Typicaly I eneter country Headsatmp and then various descriptions and othern info, (Box Dupes etc and price paid)

Many thanks John, sounds interesting, any link to where I can find it mate

Microsoft Access is part of the Office suite of programs and is often only in the pro version. I use it for my database.