Red tip .303 Tracer bullet?

I got this bullet today from a fired .303 case that had been fitted with another bullet to make an inert round. Another inert .303 that came with it was fitted with a 7.92 s.S heavy ball bullet.

The .303 bullet is a .311 Calibre, CN Jacketed, not magnetic tracer projectile with the remains of a red colour tip, of which 90% has worn away. To my knowledge, the UK never used red tips on .303 Tracer, other than possibly for contract loads. The overall length of the projectile is 1.45" (35.68mm), and it has a knurled cannelure. Is this a British made .303 Tracer bullet for a contract. or manufactured by a country other than the UK?

I believe that Canadian G11Z tracers had red tips and possibly some British G11 had red tips but I standby to be corrected.

FN (Belgium), SMI (Italy) and AI (Netherlands) made red tipped 303 tracers.

I have red-tipped British .303 with the following headstamps although whether any or all were actually for British use I have no idea;
(K39 GII) (K68 G2Z) and (K .303G3Z)


Thanks for the input everyone. This is not like a typical British .303 Tracer bullet as it has no copper washer above the traceing compound in the base, and the edges of the base are moure rounded, but not quite enough to make it a boat tail.

I have a .303 tracer headtsmped “K69 G2” with a red tip, but this has a GMCS jacketed bullet. Apparently it was a contract load for Pakistan. The unidentified bullet looks older due to the CN jacket. Can anyone post photos of the rounds they have mentioned?

Can help with the Dutch one from AI.


Your bullet is probably a Kynock contract VIIG tracer bullet made in the 1920/30s for any of several countries.

The brass washer over the tracer compound was not introduced until the G Mark II in 1938. Prior to that the G Mark I (VIIG) in British service and the equivalent Kynoch contract rounds had a base that was solely closed by rounding off the envelope. Even some of the early GII bullets did not have the washer fitted.

I do not have the Kynoch loading data for contract .303 tracer so cannot say who it was made for. JP-C may have the info.


Cheers Tony for the info. I will hang on to the bullet in case I ever come across a suitable case for it.

Hre is a picture of the VIIG type of round with the envelope rounded over to form the tracer orifice.