REDUCED PRICE Patents for Inventions (Small Arms) 1855-1930

All are SOLD

have 2 sets of 7, hard-back volumes: Patents For Inventions (Small Arms) 1855-1930
These cover British patents and as a lot of patents were also American’s covering the bases, those are also shown, but under the British number. The set will take up about 7 1/2" of book shelf space. Lots of great information.

As new and with an index $100.00 plus postage. 1st come, 1st served [color=#FF0000]NOW reduced to $65.00 (reduced again from $85) per set.[/color]

We listed / sold these before at $150.00 a set plus postage so now 1/3 off!

Please send an e-mail (not a PM) with your address if your interested & I’ll get a postage or UPS quote back to you.
OR I’ll be happy to bring them to SLICS so no shipping charges on your part

You can pay by paypal (if you wish) & I’ll give you the address for that. However I’d prefer a check.


Hey Pete,

Bring one to SLICS for me, please.

Dave Kuchta

Ok Dave shall do

Do you have more of the indexes? I have this set but I do not think I have an index.