Reference books?

Hello, I ‘m looking to get a reference book. I am not sure what is even in my collection as I am still going through bags of stuff. I have the book “cartridges of the world” and seems ok the flip through but I wanted one that will list and show different head stamps. I see mention of rimfire to roundball, how does everyone here feel about it? I have come across a couple hundred rimfires and they seem American so I would like to start with them. Thanks, for any help, John.

It depends entirely on what most of your collection is, whether it is mostly commercial, military, pistol, rifle, shotshell, domestic, foreign, and from what era. If the majority of your collection fits one or a couple of the categories mentioned above, then people could offer some relevant suggestions to you.

Hi John,

For your selection of rimfire cartridges I would recommend the book, Rimfire Cartridge in the United States and Canada, by John Barber. It will even help you identify some of those ones in your pictures without headstamps.

The Round Ball to Rimfire volumes are excellent books for understanding the whys and hows and whens and wheres relating to ammunition during the civil war but it is not necessarily going to help you identify headstamps on your rimfire cartridges.

Thanks guys, I think the Rimfire Cartridge in the United States and Canada will be a good start. Since I have most of the rimfires pulled out to the collection, I can start with them. From there??? grab a handful and see I guess. Aaron, I love how your site is set up. When I took possession of the second collection that was my idea - kind of like an online museum!