Reference material and the Reference collection update


I thought it would be a good time to update people on the reference collection I inhereted, for those who dont know it is the entire reference material collection of Peter Labbett and Tony Edwards. The collection is around 45,000 pages of documents, drawings and photographs of just about everything you can imagine to do with weapon systems, ammunition and manufacturers, this with the help of donations from the IAA and some collectors this has been scanned and is now with the IAA in the raw form. I have been slowly working through all the scan’s and sorting them out into an organised system by renaming every document and putting them all in to folders, this way you will be able to search by calibre or manufacturer or weapon system. I am around a third of the way through this but it is taking a lot of time. This will all be available to IAA members when completed through the IAA.

I would also like to ask if anyone has digital documents I would be very greatfull if you would send them to me so I can add them to the collection which will only help to increase the amount of saved knowledge we will have for the future collectors or anyone wanting to do research. I am not doing this for any financial gain and I will happily credit anyone who does send anything to be included in the collection, I feel we must save all this priceless information and reference material.

all the best & happy collecting



This is a HUGE project and Richard has been very busy to get through a third of it already. Preserving this material and making it available is a tremendous service to collectors and historians.
But, the hardest and most important part of that is the sorting and organizing to make it user friendly so things can be found easily- and related items will be found which we might otherwise not even know to look for!


As for adding to your work load, if we could get John Moss’s files digitized that would be another major resource.


We can make John Moss’s file my next little project :-)