Reference material


I’m sure a few of you will find the following link as interesting as I did. An extensive compilation of firearms owner’s manuals, along with numerous gadgets attendant to gun ownership. And some other stuff. Owners manuals. A bunch of them. Maybe you’ll find one you need. It’s all free.


So here is another of his pages that is very interesting as well.

Besides your posted link for rifle manuals:

Here is another for cartridges:



I’ve been using Steve as a reference for quite a few years now. There is lots of interesting reading in addition to the technical data.

One word of advice. Do not tie everything up by trying to download his stuff. About a year ago some guy was downloading some of his books and selling them. It pissed Steve off and he pulled the site. All of us begging convinced him to put it back up.

Another good reference is Froggy’s. I don’t have the link in front of me but I think you can Google it. There’s enough stuff there to keep you reading for years.