Regarding 20x110 H-S linked ammuntion


Does anyone here have an original belt of ammunition for any of the 20x110 Hispano-Suiza (404) cannons? I’ve got some dummy rounds I’d like to link up, but don’t know exactly where to put the links. Where the links are placed on the cartridge was likely set by the linking machine, as the links are simply placed on the cartridge case…not located by the shoulder or rim of the cartridge. If someone here has a few of these rounds linked up, I was wondering if I could get a rough measurement of where they’re placed on the cartridge.

Also, while I have the attention of those that the following might pertain to, I’m looking to purchase 5 links like shown below (they’re M10 links for the 20mm M24A1 and M3 series):



TM 9-2006, 20mm Automatic Guns M24, M24A1 & M24E2, (1953)

Page 33: “The distance from the base of the cartridge to the rear edge of the loop (link M10) is 2 9/32 ± 1/16 inch…”


YOU, my friend, are flippin’ awesome…thanks!




Your welcome!



Looks good to me!



Yep, looks good!

Do the dummy rounds have headstamps?



Yes, these dummies are all NOS (just took them out of the carton and cleaned them up), with a headstamp of, “Cartridge, Drill - M18A1, 20MM. Gun”

I had to buy twice as many as I needed to get what I want, so I’ve got another 5 rounds linked (unpolished) that I need to sell as soon as my membership is approved.