Regarding Romanian headstamps data

I was searching across the Internet different info about how are the Romanian cartridges stamped at the base. The most common headstamp data consists of 21, 22, RPR, RSR and CMC. This site tells that besides those mentioned above, there are some others that are being used: 15, 311, 315, 321, 322, 323, 324, 325, PA. I have never seen anything like this and I ask you guys if you did find and how often.

The 321 up to 325 is common as these are SADU products. 22 is SADU too.
The other starting at 310 up to 319 is CUGIR.
15 and 21 are CUGIR too.
CMC was used by CUGIR before 1945.

The “RPR” (Republica Populara Romana) suffix was used from 1947-1965.

Amazing how you find this info. Thanks once again!

15 was or is still used by Cugir (which years)?
Do you know anything about PA being stamped on Romanian cartridges?

See here: Pirotehnia Armatei

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Georgescu, for #15 I have documented these:
12.7x108 dated 1981
14.5x114 dated 1980-1981

In case somebody has other years or calibers with #15 I would be happy to see.

Thanks guys!

Hey EOD, look what I’ve just found:

It looks like Romanian headstamps also includes the numbers 23 and 334. You have any idea about those? SADU or CUGIR?

#334 is likely only a Romanian case manufacturer and as they are only known for 12.7x108 and 14.5x114 we can exclude SADU.
And CUGIR had it’s own 3-digit code range so my assumption is on a metal working company which did make only cases.

#23 is Hungarian as you see.

Your list is incomplete by nature and I guess nobody ever will have a complete one.
My numerical list currently is about 52 pages A4 in 8pt font (containing 852 numerical codes).
Not including alphabetic Yugoslav and Czechoslovak codes + all logos (making like 200 or 300 pages).

I have found it while searching something about the PKM and it’s just a screenshot. By the way, thanks for the support Alex.

All good!


here is an UMC one from much later…it was delivered at the same time the samples from 323 (SADU) where given to an Importer in the west . I do not knew, if there where much made…


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