Regarding the IAA Back Issue CD

I just noticed that pages 14 and 15 are missing from the Issue 340 .pdf.


That’s no big deal. Those pages were about 9mm Pistol cartridges or 450 Revolver cartridges, or something uninteresting like that. :) :)

Isn’t that the way it always happens?? The two pages that you want, out of thousands, and they are the ones missing.

I’ve noticed other missing pages on my CD, which I assume is an exact copy so they must be missing on everyone else’s. I haven’t said anything figuring to leave well enough alone. You know what happens when somebody tries to fix something. :)

We’ll see what response you get from the big kids.


The Master Index pointed me to Page 14 for an article on a Russian 5.6x45mm Match cartridge. So whoever made the Index had the page in question.

Concerning the missing pages, make a list of them as you discover them. It is not difficult to add new pages before burning a new CD and thus correcting the mistakes. I’m not sure who has the master database for the CD, but if you send me the information I’ll find out and forward the information. Perhaps the right person will respond to your Forum posting.

I maintain the Journal Master Index and can confirm that issue 340 does have pages 14 & 15. However, I do not maintain the back issue CD.
I cannot find you in the IAA membership database - are you a member?
Chris P., IAA Journal Editor

I joined last year so I could buy the Back Issues CD. Money’s tight right now, and I had to let my membership drop. Before anyone compares the price of a collector cartridge to the cost for the e-journal, I haven’t bought ammunition of any type for at least 7 years. I probably won’t join again until the next five years of back issues are released on CD.

Looks like there was a scanner feed malfunction and Journal 340 pages 14-15 did not get scanned. If those are the only ones missed, we are lucky!

The original Journal copies which were donated for the scanning project were disposed of, so we cannot just scan the missing pages, but will need someone to come up with thos pages so they can be scanned and OCR processed. (A bit harder than just making a copy on your trusty copy/scan/fax machine.)

If anyone find other pages which were skipped, we can add them all when we do the five year update.

If we can get copies of any missing pages in .pdf format, we can probably post them on the IAA site somewhere for download to make them available to CD/DVD purchasers.

Thanks for letting us know.

what issue would that be ? (date?)…trying to determine if it fits “my time”…if so, I likely have it. John M likely has it…yes ?

Issue 340 is the first issue from 1988.

Pepper et al: I have issue 340 (and every other issue since the beginning). The pages in questions were some sort of Russian match cartridge. Tell me what you want me to do. I can send a scan of them, or just put the scan on this thread so that those who want to can either print them out or, if it is possible, add them to the CD. I have no idea how to do the latter, but I will provide the pages “as directed by higher authority.”

Are Issues 15 - 62 of The Cartridge Trader supposed to be on the CD? They aren’t on mine. The Index has references to some of these issues.


I hope the absence of all those issues on Ray’s CD is simply a glich with that particular one, so that he can be provided with a replacement. I do not have the time to scan all of those issues or even make photocopies of them, and by policy, I will not send the original documents or copies that I have outside of my library. I lent out a couple of books over the years that I never got back, losing contact with the recipients, and in at least one case, Tear Gas Munitions, have never been able to replace it. Any visitor is welcome to copy material at my house, or read it, but I don’t allow anything from my library “off the premises” anymore.

I am deep into writing a book at the moment, and am working at this computer an average, now, of seven hours a day, between writing and researching for what I am writing. That is why I don’t have time. I still make time to provide information to others if limited enough in scope that I can take a break and copy it.

Cartridge Trader issues 15-62 should be on your CD under years 1955-1960. Issues 1 through 62 are in a single file called 1-62.pdf.

If someone will snail mail a photocopy of the missing pages to Mr. Watters (address should be in the old directory) that would be appreciated.

I would like to get a copy of the missing pages scanned and converted to .pdf. John Moss may have problems doing that (although his computer skills have certainly come a long way since we dragged him into the late 20th century!). Perhaps Pepper can scan them and convert to .pdf, or someone else?

Once I get in .pdf format, I will make them available for download.

Thanks to all!

[quote=“John S.”]Cartridge Trader issues 15-62 should be on your CD under years 1955-1960. Issues 1 through 62 are in a single file called 1-62.pdf.


They should be but they ain’t. That file ends at page 26 of 179. I can e-mail that file to somebody if they want to verify it. Tell me who? But it shouldn’t be necessary.

Can somebody else check their CD to see if I’m the only one?


My CD has the correct pages.

I don’t even know what “pdf” means, but I will be happy to scan the two pages in question to this Forum. Joe will post them for me, I’m sure. I have no idea what format that my scanner puts them in.

I would happily mail a copy to Mr. Watters, but I sent all my IAA files on to the new Secretary when I gave up the office, and I do not keep the old membership rosters myself. I started a file of older ones for historical purposes, for the IAA records, when I was secretary, so the new secretary should have the last six or seven issues.

If someone will PM me with Mr. Watters mailing address, though, I am very happy to provide him with those two pages. It is no problem at all, nor is scanning them in to this thread, or making a separate thread of it. Again, I am standing at attention, awaiting orders from the commander on what to do.

My CD has the correct pages.[/quote]

Hmmmm. Reminds me of the line from the movie Blazing Saddles. “Why do I always get the defective ones?”

I hope to receive a package on Monday and maybe get one on it’s way to you soon after.


Thank you all for the kind offers to snail mail me a copy of the two pages. I think it would be better to post a copy here or on the main site in case others decide they want to read the article as well.

P.S.: PDF stands for “Portable Document Format,” a specific file format developed by Adobe Systems for the sharing of documents across different computer platforms. It is used primarily by Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader, although there are now third party programs which utilize it. It can be a lot more useful and convenient than transferring documents as a word processor file or as simple scanned photos of individual pages. A converted .pdf file can allow for word searches, and the cutting-and-pasting of text and photos from the original document. The IAA Back Issue CD is a good example of a full featured conversion from scanned copies into .pdf files. This is contrasted to some CD you find on eBay of old books and military manuals, say the Chinn Machine Gun series. The latter are scanned pages converted as .pdf files, but often do not have searchable text.

Ray and others,
We had some other complaints about the first file. As I recall we replaced those CDs but may not have needed to do so. If you try to run the CD directly they stop about where Ray mentioned. The instructions encourage the user to download them onto your own hard drive where they should run correctly. If that does not prove to be a solution, let me know and the IAA will replace your CD. As to missing content, I can’t help except to encourage users to let us know where we have gaps.
Gary Muckel-IAA membership services

Page 14 of IAA Journal Number 340, posted as promised.

Page 15 of IAA Journal, also posted as promised.

John Moss library