Relatively rare 7,92 mm box

When the german troops marched home they gave up their weaponry at the border in southern Jutland. The regiment helping out in the british zone in Germany were issued british guns and equipment and the home army had swedish kit brought home with the Danish Brigade (refugees trained and equipped in Sweden 1943-45) Our diminutive navy made do with the best K98k’s they could find. The ammo for them was selected from the piles of 7,92 mm left behind and this is what it was packed in:

I took the liberty of modeling some steelcased 7,9 in the box…

Soren - thanks for that picture. The Danish boxes for wood-bulleted blanks and dummy cartridges are very common in the United States, but that is the first time I have ever seen a Danish box for 7.9 x 57 Ball Ammunition! Yes, I would agree. A pretty rare box!

In 1972, I had a very nice “collector cartridge” experience with a small Danish Gun Shop in copenhagen, and immediately after, with a Danish Collector, although I didn’t meet him - my Swedish friend went from the car up to his house or apartment - it was up a lot of stairs. Aside from the gun laws, you live in a really lovely country. One of my best friends is a first generation American of Danish heritage. I met a lot of his family from Denmark at his mother’s 100th Birthday party. Lovely people, and a lot of fun to be around!

John Moss