Relic WW2 German ammunition

A friend sent this link to a youtube video. I am curious as to the amount of blank and dummy ammo found. Not sure of location, Scandinavia?

The title page mentions Norway.

This is most likely a dumpsite where all German equipment was dumped after the war.

When the war was over, the British sendt special platoons to Norway to make sure everything left behind from the Germans, was destroyed. In the coastal areas, it was dumped in the sea, but other places, it was just burried. I guess this has been burried inside a now closed military camp. If there are trenches in this area, it’s a coincident, the Germans did not left it like this. There were hardly no figthing in Norway after the first two months after the invasion. There were a few raids, and some fighting between resistance and Germans, but it would not cause the Germans to leave equipment like this.

I heard a story from Sola airport: When the Germans surrended, they lined up all their planes and equipment to make sure everything was accounted for. There were also around 10 ME262 jetfighters here. When the British came, they took a tank and ran over all the planes and equpiment to destroy it, and the Germans were crying. The planes were burried under whats now a longer runway.

Still, a lot of equpiment was either not found, hidden away, or maybe they just ran out of time.

I suspected it was a dump site as the finds are a bit of everything. I thought it curious as to the fairly large number of blanks and some dummy rounds. Thanks for the info.

I do wonder about the story concerning Me262 jet fighters at Sola and their destruction. There were in fact a group of Ar234 jet bombers there, but these were flown to Britain for testing and eventual scrapping. Jack

Blanks and dummy (or wooden bulleted MG) rounds just indicates training to me. Apart from its obvious purpose, training for an army of occupation can be a way of keeping everybody active and doing something useful. Its actually a massive problem.
You only have to look at the British Empire to realise that in many of the far flung outposts their job was just to be there, keeping the men occupied was a struggle. The devil finds work for idle hands.

You may be right about this, I will check my files when I get back home next week.