Reload data 8 mm lebel

Hello All,
I’m surching for reloading data for the 8x50 mm Lebel.
It seems hard to find.
Help will be much appreciated.

I’m sure several of the designated reloading sites can supply good data.

Besides just wanting data without stating what you intend to use as projectile and powder is like saying: I want to buy a car, what can you recommend?

That’s why i want reloading data to know wich bullets and /or powder is to be used.

The IAA forum does not allow reloading data to be posted.
Please do a google search and you will find what you need.

Which country are you from ?

The bullet diameter is 8.3 mm (equal to groove diameter of the barrel). Unless you have bullets pulled from 98D or 32N cartridges available, PPU is the only manufacturer that at least lists 8 mm Lebel bullets (and loaded cartridges!) in its 2018 catalogue. But actually getting these from PPU is a problem by itself.
The original flat nosed, jacketed M bullet of 1886 had a diameter of only 8.1 mm, identical to the German commercial 8 x 57 I (or J) cartridges. But the latter bullets are also very difficult to find in shootable amounts.


Didn’t know that.
I did a google surch, but for the 8 mm Lebel there is no data available.

Thank You, JPeelen!

Send me a PM and i will hook you up with good reloading data.

Free of charge, you will get all this informations on Jean HUON’s book : Les cartouches 8 mm Lebel - Crepin-Leblond edition ISBN 978-2-70-3004-14-1

NOTE- The above information was posted by a person with unknown qualifications and reflects their personal experience and beliefs. The International Ammunition Association has no way to verify the safety of any of the powder types, load weights or bullets and cannot be held liable if anyone uses this information and experiences dangerous results.

For this reason, “handloading information” is outside the scope of this forum and normally not allowed.

So shouldn’t the post by OldManMontgomery be removed?

John S and Mayhem,
Post has been removed.
Thank you for bring this to IAA Forum attention.

The IAA forum does not allow reloading data to be posted.
Please do a google search and you will find what you need.

Bob Ruebel

Please remove all post then!

As replied above, I didn’t know that the posts were not allowed!

Lorenzo, relax.
There is no problem with not knowing that reloading information is not allowed on this forum. You cannot be blamed for simply asking.

“Reloading data” does not mean that any mention of reloading is prohibited. Data like naming recommended propellants or giving charge weights, for example, are prohibited. Such information, if offered, must be exchanged outside this forum. Basically, in my understanding, because this type of information is disputable. Some may consider a proposed load as appropriate, others as dangerous.

Personally, I am very glad to learn that you want to replicate the old French 8 mm rifle round and are looking for information. In my view there is no forum rule against mentioning hard, undisputed facts like bullet diameter, point to general literature about this cartridge or offer private communication about it.

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Thanks for the reply JPeelen!