Reloadable aluminum shotshells from Palencia

This is a box of empty unprimed shotshells from the Fábrica Nacional de Palencia, Palencia, Spain. It is made of aluminum and intended to be reloadable. It dates from the 1960s if I am not wrong.

The case lenght is 64 mm.

The FP logo in the headstamp was used also on early production .22 rimfire cartridges from the same factory.

The box reads:

10 aluminum cases
For small game hunting cartridge
Caliber No. 12 (18,5 mm)


Neat shells / box. Thanks for sharing.
The case wall, at the mouth looks somewhat thick compaired to some other aluminum sells I’ve seen & for reloading that is good.
Any method of crimping an over-shot (topwad) in the case, other than friction?