Reloadable Steel-cased Galand Cartridge & some more French Thick Rim Cartridges

Here is a 9mm Galand with a steel case made for reloading

This snippet is from Album-Galand and states that the downside of these new guns is the expense of having to buy cartridges so that issue is solved with these durable cases that can be reloaded many times with primers and bullets you can make with their mould.

Here is a 12mm Galand with I think a Pertuiset explosive bullet.

a Perrin with a bullet shaped differently than typical

A 9mm Galand shot load which I had not seen before

And another variation of 7mm Galand


Maybe @GuyHildebrand can post a pic of the mould.

That a very neat shot load Aaron,

What makes you think the bullet is explosive? Inquiring minds want to know.

Others with the threaded bullet, a 12, 9 & a 12 bullet. Then a 12mm thin rim, these thin rims are said to be fakes? Any thoughts anyone?
DSCN5062 DSCN5064

Seems like a weird cartridge to fake. And even if you were making a cartridge to shoot in an old Galand gun there would have to be better ways.

As for the explosive bullet, it is very similar to the pinfire ones. Also Galand sold a lot of explosive bullets at his shop and catalog so it makes sense. Maybe it’s just an extra big solid lead bullet.

Cartridge on the far right and in the article.

Seems to be Same bullet.

Thanks Aaron
I’d forgotten about that post & also had not made the connection.
Yours does have a very similar pointed nose. And I think ??? I can see a seam.
I don’t have any with the pointed bullet as you show but two long bullet variations are below. Below that are two others with uncommon profiles.


Edited to add found these two pointed variations but strongly dount they are the Pertuiset types.

Here they are next to each other:

Here are some random 12mm Galands next to it:

Also here are some random Perrins next to the one I posted:

Also, Here are all of them. I should reshoot them all again:

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When seen next to the PF it certainly does look like the same bullet.


I apologize for my tardiness, Aaron. Here’s the information on my Gayland bullet mold.

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