Rem BR brass


New here, this site was recommended by a member from here.
Helping an old friend clean out his reloading stuff and came across some Rem 308 BR brass, new in boxes.
Not sure if this was a fluke by Rem or not, I came across several boxes of Rem BR brass with the boxes labled (Rem. B.R. SM Rifle Primer - 308 Case). The head stamp on the brass is
22 BR REM"
Have other Rem 308 BR brass from boxes labled the same way and the headstamp on those is just "R-P BR REM"
Is it collectable?
Trying to come up with a value for him, will post in “Buy, Sell, Trade” after I find out what a reasonable value is.
Anybody have any insight to this?



That is Benchrest basic brass from the 1980s. Just one of Remington’s many boondoggles. They figured that Benchrest shooters would rather make their own 22 BR and 6mm BR cases than buy ready-made, so the brass has a special anneal for case forming, thinner case walls for more capacity, and a small primer pocket. It turned out that BR shooters much preferred paying a dollar or more for high quality LAPUA 220 Russian brass which could be very simply fire formed to 22 or 6 PPC. By the time Remington realized the mistake it was too late. They started making 6mm BR Rem brass but even that was preempted by the higher quality Norma 6mm BR brass from LAPUA.

There is still quite a bit of the brass around. The 22 BR boxes are a little more collectable but not by much. It will sell for around $10 to $20 per box, depending on how much is on the market at the time. If you are trying to sell a big quantity of it, you’ll get even less. You may have better luck on one of the shooting Forums.



If you have a full box with the “22 BR REM” headstamp on it, I would like to buy one for my collection.