Rem-UMC 30 Maus

Hi, Does anyone have any information on some brass I have? They are new never loaded brass with the head stamp REM-UMC 30 MAUS.

It is a 7.63 mm Mauser (.30 Mauser) new unprimed empty case. Remington marketed this item for reloaders.



From the headstamp I’d guess that case was made sometime between 1945 and when Remington went to the R-P headstamp which was sometime between 1958 and and 1968.

Cute item! I don’t recall seeing this headstamp before.


I think the change from REM-UMC to R-P took place during the early 1960s - of course not all at the same time for all calibers, but more as replacements as the REM-UMC headstamp bunters wore out. The .30 (7.63mm) Mauser was the cartridge which was used in most of the earlier Mauser C96 “Broomhandle” pistols and a few others such as Chinese and Spanish copies of the C96.

This Mauser headstamp by Remington was around quite awhile, and is relatively common. It is found in two different box styles with the earlier style, shown at the top in the picture below, being found with at least two different back labels, and came with both the headstamp that is the subject here, and with the headstamp “REM-UMC 30 CAL.”

In loaded ammunition, the only offering with this headstamp was with GM FMJ RN bullet weighing 85 grains. The headstamp shown was preceded by “REM-UMC 30 CAL” and followed by “R - P 30 MAUS”, the latter of which is fairly scarce for some reason.

John Moss

Thanks for the information on the head stamp! I spent quite some time on the internet looking for any pictures of the REM-UMC 30 MAUS headstamp but only was only able to find a couple pics of the 30 CAL version.