REM UMC 3006 age?

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Today I got a REM-UMC 30-06 had blue primer seal and a gilding metal bullet.So is it possible to esitmate it’s age?

IMG_20190908_200755 IMG_20190908_200905


A reload with a commercial brass case. I remember seeing a few sold this way some years ago online, do not remember the distributors.
That was one way to get by the corrosive priming. Or it could have been done by an individual reloader for the same reason. I know a few shooters who did exactly this: Pull the bullet, dump the powder into a modern case with non-corrosive priming, re-seat the bullet.

This round was found in China, and the import time is probably in WW2. Maybe a factory reload round?

Out of my realm of knowledge, but, the casing does not look that old, and I am not sure of that headstamp being used during that timeframe… ???

Have the same & believe it was a contract to China round

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If acontract for China (KMT), would be either late in WWII, or during Civil war (1946-49).
Whilst China did have some aircraft with .30 BMG, they did not make a ground gun ( copy of M1917A1/ Colt M37 WC in .30 cal)
Till 1944 or so ( <><> Arsenal, #41)
And known ammo is dated 1944-1948, Chinese dating 33-37).
Both RP and WRA supplied ammo to China under Commercial Headstamps under direct Purchase and Lend Lease.
Exception, the WCC contracts with
79 and Character marks ( 7.9mm ammo). 45ACP etc was commercial HS, with Blue or Red lacquers.
This OP photo shows a 1940s “commercial” case.
Istrongly think this is a Chinese sale cartridge…btw, a WRA/WCC
would have had Olin Ball Powder.

Doc AV

Thank you!
BTW, have United States export .30-06 bullet to China?I’ve found many ROC .30-06 have US type knurled bullet.