Rem-umc 38 s&w

Who probably made the top right one?



With that tiny {but very poor quality} headstamp, it think it might be an early REM-UMC that got past the inspector, How does the bullet, case & crimp look compared to the others?

It is not impossible that it is pre-WW2 Chinese. They did make copies of 38 SW revolvers and could have also copied the ammunition.


Thanks Pete and Lew,
I do not have another REM-UMC headstamp that small on a 38 S&W. The smallest I have are pictured. The bullet has an odd crimp, and the lead has cavities, unlike the other REM-UMC’s that I have. (I do not have many .38 S&W’s.) But, the hs does look quite poor, like a couple other probable Chinese hs I’ve seen pics of in other calibers.


3rd is the odd one.
REM%20UMC%201F|496x303 REM%20UMC%203F k%20crimp%20REM%20UMC%20F .

Thanks again for your replies,

Chinese entered my mind too, I have a .38 S&W Kynoch spelled Kynock although that is debatable according to Mr. Moss. I thought it might be Chinese as it is of poor quality too.

i think Lew must be right, I just looked through my REM-UMC’s & have nothing that small.