REM-UMC 380 Blank

Here’s a 380 Blank by Remington. Was this for Export? Did they make a ball round with this headstamp?



They made a ball round, but with a nickel primer. I don’t know if they were for export only.

Dan, Thanks for the reply.


REM 01 H REM 01 P02

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And a loaded 320:
REM-UMC  320

Thanks for the reply’s.
I would have thought the .380 and .320 cartridges would have had a very limited market in North America. Are there any listings for these in Remington catalogs?


I believe I have read before that .320 and .380 CF are intechangeable with .32 and .38 Short Colt.

Is that correct? The dimensions seem very close.


I’ve heard the they same that they were interchangeable.
I measures a 38 Short Colt blank with a REM-UMC headstamp and compared it to the .380.

.380 REM-UMC Blank

Rim 0.427"
base 0.376"
neck 0.375"
Lgt 0.674"

38S Colt REM-UMC Blank

Rim 0.432"
base 0.378"
neck 0.376"
Lgt 0.674"

That looks pretty close. .Measurements of various headstamped .380 and 38 S Colt ball rounds were also similar. Why make another headstamp for the US market when a 38 Short Colt would function in a .380?


Winchester also made / used the .320. Not near the collection but i have a Remington box & the W.R.A.Co. headstamp which I will dig out & photo at a later date

Not a good picture, but I had it on file. Is yours different Pete?
WRACO 320 hs

tell you when i get a chance Dan

My earliest reference is the Remington No. 51 catalog (Spanish edition) from c. 1921-22. Note that the headstamps are the same used for the .32 and .38 Short Colt, but the illustrations are new and unique to the .320 and .380 Revolver.

My latest reference is the No. 16 export price list dated June 1, 1935. Both the .320 and .380 are offered as Oil Proof black powder loads.




Thanks Fede.
For what it’s worth from my few samples. The pictured bullet looks more like the 32 SCF, with the .320 having more of a belt.
3 profile
HS 3x
I don’t know about the 38 Short vs 380 Revolver bullets.

I have two the difference being a very slightly different bullet & HS the same as you show Dan.

A box and just the top of a box.
The box contents are headstamped the same as the label illustration, and the bullet is very close to the illustration.

20200105_084435 20200105_084346
And a Winchester .380 C.F. ball load.
380 C.F. WRACo ball