REM-UMC 7.62 m/m

I got a 7.62x54R case with this headstamp today. Was this a contract round for Tsarist Russia or simply a commercial sporting round? It has a nickeled primer with a very heavy ring crimp.

Falcon–This was most likely a commercial case. The military contract cases were headstamped “R E M I N G T O N --16–” and “R E M I N G T O N --17–”. The case with your headstamp was available with a Pointed solid bronze military style bullet as well as a GM bullet with a black plastic ballistic point, but these were both commericial loads.

Thanks Ron, how old would this round be?

Falcon–It was first made with that headstamp from about 1927. It was last listed in the 1951 catalog.

Falcon–I made a mistake when I said it was loaded commercialy with the solid Bronze bullet. It was loaded with a 150 GR. Bronze Pointed Expanding bullet.

Thanks Ron