Rem-umc box

is anybody able to give an estimation of the date for this box.
There is a blue-stamped lot-number on the bottom which is barely visible ( 17 R ??)


Between 1922 (Hi-Speed Mushroom bullets) and 1927(ish) when Kleanbore priming was introduced. I might be wrong, and vague, on the Kleanbore date, but someone will be along shortly with correct info. Cheers!

Neat with the before and after bullet illustrations. Don’t recall seeing that before.

Boxes containing cartridges with Umbrella Point bullets also show the before and after illustrations of the bullet.


Rene, the code 17R gives you the day and the month, 17 Nov, but it is the second letter that provides the year.If the date is between 1922 and 1927 the final letter should be something between N and U. If you can make it out, I can give you the year.

Sorry I couldn’t help more.