Rem-umc primers, circa?

Approximate age of primers ?

Terry, according to my records both UMC and Winchester brought out a number 1 copper primer for black powder cartridges from .22 caliber up to 45-70 in about the mid 1870’s. They seem to have been replaced in about 1908-10 era.

Based on the fact that the company name on the box does not include ‘Incorporated’, it probably dates from 1913 to 1916.

This style of label was used from 1911 to 1916. After 1916 it was “[color=red]THE [/color] Remington Arms Co.-Union Metallic Cartridge Co.”

In addition to the word ‘The’ in the company name is the ‘Incorporated’ on the second line of the address of the 1916 labels.

Thank you all, packet has two draws, and some primers still in it.
I will be able to list it for its era now.